Spring Allergies 2024:  Can Air Filters Help?

Spring Allergies 2024: Can Air Filters Help?

If your like us, you're excited that spring time and warmer weather are right around the corner. Unfortunately seasonal allergies comes with the territory and millions of Americans (an estimated 81 million) fight the annual battle. 

The main culprit to blame is pollen from trees, grass and weeds. Pollen can travel for miles in the air and counts can be extremely high on windy days and rainy days help wash away allergens. Mornings tend to have the highest pollen readings. Here in the Ohio Valley, I've had to use my windshield wipers in the morning to remove the pollen from my windshield!

So, can air filters help with my springtime allergies? They sure can and are an important part of keeping the pollen monster at bay. Your HVAC system not only keeps you cool during the spring but it creates air changes in your home.  That air pass through your filter each time, so if you're using a cheap filter with a low MERV rating, you're missing an opportunity to mitigate airborne allergens. 

If you're a severe allergy suffer, we recommend a MERV 11 or MERV 13 for your HVAC system.  This is going to do a great job of filtering allergens. We also recommend changing your filter more often (every 30 days) during peak pollen season.  Be sure to keep your doors and windows closed as well.  Some other allergy tips include:

  • stay indoors when pollen counts are high
  • Clean shelves, vents and other places pollen can collect
  • Vacuum more often 
  • Wash clothes and hair more often 

Are air filters the cure all to allergies? Unfortunately no, but they do play an important part in a plan to combat spring time allergies. Upgrade your filtration today! Air Bear already offers some of the best pricing online for quality American made filters, but we are offering a 5% discount on orders over 75$. use promo code spring24 at checkout and fight the pollen monster! 





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